Stockton University joins 30 other institutions of higher education in a 3-year project initiated by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities and the American Democracy Project/The Democracy Commitment to understand the impact of economic inequality on democracy, in particular access to opportunities, ways to participate, and means to successfully act for change. The initiative aims to educate students about the role inequality has on the quality of life in their and their friends families, local communities, the nation, and the world.

The Stockton University team includes faculty, students, administrators, and professional staff:

Carra Leah Hood, Assistant Provost for Programs and Planning & Associate Professor of Writing (co-Chair)

Oliver Cooke, Associate Professor of Economics (co-Chair)

James Avery, Associate Professor of Political Science

Michael Busler, Professor of Business Studies, Finance

Tait Chirenje, Associate Professor of Environment Studies

Merydawilda Colon, Executive Director of Stockton Center for Community Engagement & Professor of Social Work

Daniel Douglas, Director, William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy

Dennis Furgione, Research Association, Office of Institutional Research

Maritza Jauregui, Associate Professor of Public Health

Ellen Mutari, Professor of Economics

Rose Scaffidi, Assistant Professor of Nursing

Emily VanDuyne, Assistant Professor of Writing

Dawn Watkins, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences and recent Stockton University Graduate


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