ASCD, a Journal about Curriculum Design, Has Devoted an Entire Issue to Teaching Students about Inequality

As an introduction to the recent issue of the ASCD journal, the editors write:

In a talk to teachers on October 16, 1963, author James Baldwin notes that it’s not really a black revolution that is upsetting the country. “What is upsetting the country,” he says, “is a sense of its own identity.” His talk came just months after the historic March on Washington and weeks after the 16th Street Baptist church bombing that killed four young girls. Baldwin saw a society wrestling with the systemic effects of racism, or the realization that if you have to lie about one aspect of history, “you must lie about it all.”

By the same token, pulling at the threads of inequity has the power to unravel whole systems of injustice. In this issue, we follow educators who disrupt bias through their approach to behavior interventions, school funding, curriculum, and critical conversations about race and poverty. Here’s how to show up for equity and take action.

This issue contains articles from the field on ways to bring up the topic of inequality in classrooms, manage student discussion, and transform students to take action.


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