College Students and Food Insecurity

Homeless college students oftentimes also experience ongoing food insecurity. A recent article in Inside Higher Ed and a study, “Hunger on Campus: The Challenge of Food Insecurity for College Students,” collaboratively produced by the College and University Food Bank Alliance, the National Student Campaign against Hunger and Homelessness, the Student Government Resource Center, and the Student Public Interest Research Groups, confirm this intersection. Findings from the “Hunger on Campus” study include:

  • Consistent with prior studies, 48 percent of respondents reported food insecurity in the previous 30 days, including 22 percent with very low levels of food security that qualify them as hungry.

  • Food insecurity occurs at both two-year and four-year institutions. Twenty-five percent of community college students qualified as having very low food security, compared to 20 percent at four-year schools.

  • Food insecurity was more prevalent among students of color. Fully 57 percent of Black or African American students reported food insecurity, compared to 40 percent of non-Hispanic white students.

  • More than half of all first-generation students (56 percent) were food insecure, compared to 45 percent of students who had at least one parent who attended college.


Stockton University students should visit the Student Senate Students Helping Students website for guidance about available services. In addition, the Office of the Dean of Students can provide assistance for students in need. Students can reach out to local and federal services, too.

Please consult the Economic Inequality Wall for resources about these services. A resource packet will be posted next week.


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