Mr. Robot and Economic Inequality, Post-Occupy

If you watch TV at all these days, you probably binged on a few episodes of Mr. Robot.

Branded as a psychological, dystopic, cyberdrama, it also portrays Occupy-inspired responses to corporate greed, rampant debt, and loss of connection to the products of work (what Marx would describe as a characteristic of late capitalism: workers’ disconnection from the production process). In fact, the show’s creator, Sam Esmail, claims he drew on his own experience with student debt and living through the Arab Spring, which began in 2010, as inspiration for Mr. Robot‘s intersecting plots.

If you would like to read recent analyses of Mr. Robot, here a few that pick up this theme:

There’s more to write, for sure, as this season moves along, to explore the irreality and consequences of taking capitalism on head first — and orchestrating the $6 million bonfire in Battery Park.



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