World Economic Forum Report on the Economic Status of Female Workers Worldwide — and the Necessity for Change

The World Economic Forum’s recent report “The Industry Gender Gap: Women and Work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution” reports that the global world of work needs female workers who receive equal pay with male workers and who can equally compete for higher paying jobs. The report argues the following:

In addition to a values-based case for gender equality, there is an accompanying economic imperative for including women more fully into society and the workplace and women’s participation in the workforce is no longer perceived as a social issue alone, but also as a business issue—costing women, companies and ultimately entire economies. Female talent remains one of the most underutilized business resources, either squandered through lack of progression or untapped from the onset. Although women are, on average, more educated than men globally and now participate more fully in professional and technical occupations than 10 years ago, as of today, their chances to rise to positions of leadership are only 28% of those of men. Women continue to make up less of the labour force overall than men, and where they participate in the formal economy their earnings for similar work are lower.

To read the entire report, click here.


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