TakePart Revisionary Food Shift Project

If you haven’t heard of TakePart’s Re-visionary series, you might want to check it out: folks taking action and finding solutions for community needs.

One TakePart project, Food Shift, located in the San Francisco Bay area, aims to alleviate hunger by shifting food waste and excess to food needs. Dana Frasz, founder of Food Shift, explains the Food Shift food recovery and redistribution project in this way:

What Food Shift does is come up with collaborative and innovative solutions that more effectively recover, redistribute, and process food. We actually have thousands of organizations in the U.S. that are working hard to address hunger, that are doing some kind of food recovery and food distribution. Something about these traditional models of food recovery isn’t working, and we need to look at why—and that’s what we’ve done. We’ve spent the past year doing really in-depth research into the communities where we are, and we identify the multiple challenges that are faced by food recovery efforts. Food Shift amplifies those challenges and amplifies the solutions that would move us in the direction of making this food recovery sector more sustainable, more efficient, and more effective at reducing food waste but also reducing hunger. Those two things in our mind go together. We have to make sure that in a land of such abundance we are adequately distributing our abundance.

The idea for shifting food in this way sounds simple; however, as Frasz has learned, it’s not that easy to execute. Read her full interview with TakePart.


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