Older Women Out of Work Longer than Others

According to an article in The New York TimesOver 50, Female and Jobless Even as Others Return to Work,” women over 50 have had a harder time than those in other age groups finding work after losing jobs during the Great Recession.

This article is based on a study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis, “Age and Gender Differences in Long-Term Unemployment: Before and After the Great Recession.” In 2009 and 2010, all unemployed workers spent an average of 30 or 40 weeks looking for work, the study reports; however, women over 50 looked longer and, if they found work at all, typically settled for jobs that required fewer higher level skills.


The New York Times article notes that:

…while older workers generally have lower unemployment rates than younger ones, those who find themselves jobless, for whatever reason, tend to find themselves stuck there for longer. And women 55 and older who lose a job have more trouble than men getting another one, according to Sara E. Rix, an analyst and former senior researcher for AARP, the lobbying organization for older Americans.

“Older displaced women are less likely than displaced men of the same ages to be re-employed and more likely to have left the labor force,” she noted in a recent analysis.


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