Legal Services of New Jersey and Poverty Research Institute (LSNJPRI)

The most recent research from the LSNJPRI confirms the findings of the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy report on the economic landscape in New Jersey.

The LSNJPRI study found that

  • only the top quintile gained income share
  • the top quintile gained the bulk of the additional income generated
  • mean household income only increased for the highest income earners
  • widening income inequality is disproportionately incerasing for already vulnerable groups
  • growing income disparities between household types
  • widening income inequality among racial and ethnic groups
  • substantial income disparities between the highly educated and the less educated
  • the size of the income gap between rich and poor matters most
  • growing income inequality has negative social consequences
  • higher income inequality is related to lower intergenerational mobility
  • wealth inequality also matters

The William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy report, “Economic Indicators and Quality of Life in Southern New Jersey (2015), written by Kelly Sloane, Public Policy Researcher, notes the economic disparity between northern, central, and southern New Jersey counties and the ways in which that disparity correlates with differences in overall quality of life.


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