Stockton’s Economic Inequality Initiative Kick-Off: Thank you!!

Stockton’s Economic Inequality Initiative Kick-Off took place on Monday, September 28th at 430PM in the Campus Center Event Room. Below is a letter thanking everyone who supported and attended the event: it takes a village…


EI banner and EI posters from 4 of the students in Michael McGarvey’s Graphic Arts course.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

A huge thank you to Interim President Kesselman, Interim Provost Davenport, presenters Drs. Ellen Mutari, Deborah Figart, and Kristin Jacobson, Dan Douglas and John Froonjian from the Hughes Center, the Economic Inequality Team and everyone who attended the Economic Inequality Initiative Kick-Off yesterday afternoon.

The Economic Inequality Team appreciates your enthusiasm for this Initiative and your participation in the inaugural event. If you attended the event, you had the pleasure of viewing twenty posters on the topic of inequality created by the students in Professor Mike McGarvey’s Graphic Arts course. As well, you were able to learn about the changing economic situation of Atlantic City casino workers, the status of women in Atlantic County, the economic landscape across the state of New Jersey, and the differences between the profiles of state legislators and average New Jerseyans. During the Kick-Off, we showed an 18-minute clip from Robert Reich’s Inequality for All. If you are interested in viewing the entire film or showing segments in a class, you can reserve it from the Stockton library.

A big shout out, too, to Ryan Schocklin and the Graphics department (logo, bookmarks, and the banner), Shannon Aungst and the Production Services Team (for the computer and sound set up, queuing the film, setting up the PowerPoint presentations), Chartwells (refreshments), Lisa Warnock in Event Services (room arrangements), and Theresa Marinelli in the Provost Office.


Please visit the Economic Inequality website for information about the Initiative, resources, and upcoming events ( Stockton’s Economic Inequality Initiative Team also manages a blog on economic and other forms of inequality ( The website and the blog will be updated regularly, so check in from time for the newest information.

Upcoming Events

  • Today, a group of international students will share policies and responses to the wealth gap in their countries. The panel discussion will take place at 430PM in room K141.
  • In addition, you can contribute to local food banks by dropping off canned or sealed items at the Stockton Center for Community Engagement, F211.
  • The Philadelphia Federal Reserve will visit Stockton in October to discuss ideas for urban, economic rejuvenation.
  • In November, Stockton’s Office of Service Learning will host an Oxfam Hunger Banquet.
  • The Initiative is in the process of planning other events for the fall and spring semesters, please be on the lookout for notices about them.


If you have any questions/suggestions, would like to join the Economic Inequality Initiative, or would like to connect an event with this Initiative, please contact any of the Economic Inequality Initiative Team members or one of the Initiative co-Chairs:

Oliver Cooke, Associate Professor of Economics,

Carra Leah Hood, Assistant Provost and Associate Professor of Writing,


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