This Week from Stockton Contributors

This week, Stockton contributors to this blog would like to share the following resources:

Bernie Sanders (Independent, VT) enters the presidential race. He has a 12-point plan for economic reform that includes equal pay for women, raising the minimum wage, breaking up big banks, etc. Review his plan here. Sanders wants every American “in” the political process; that’s one of his remedies for saving democracy.

Robert Reich (“Inequality for All”), one of the gurus for closing the income inequality gap encourages everyone to get involved in politics and, especially, to demand needed changes. In his piece for the May 2, 2015 issue Nation of Change, “The Political Roots of Widening Inequality,” Reich argues:

“Ultimately, the trend toward widening inequality in America, as elsewhere, can be reversed only if the vast majority, whose incomes have stagnated and whose wealth has failed to increase, join together to demand fundamental change. The most important political competition over the next decades will not be between the right and left, or between Republicans and Democrats. It will be between a majority of Americans who have been losing ground, and an economic elite that refuses to recognize or respond to its growing distress.


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