Growing Old and Economically Precarious

Corey Abrahamson writes about economic inequality and aging in his article “Unequal until the End: For the Affluent, Old Age Has Its Challenges; For the Impoverished, Its Only Harder,” which appeared in the April 20,2015 issue of The Atlantic.

Life expectancy has increased with level of education; check out the graph below to see the correlation:

Those with less education tend to have less economic security and independence as they grow older. Many simply do not have the economic, medical, or social resources to live healthy during their senior years. As Abrahamson explains, “Social circumstances affect not only how long we live, but how healthy we are when we become seniors. An overwhelming body of evidence suggests that differential exposure to toxic environments, the stresses of poverty and discrimination, and unequal access to medical institutions are contributing factors to the gap between rich and poor elders.”

This article contains a lot more information about the effects of the gap between rich and poor elders; definitely a must read.


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