Time Magazine’s Rana Foroohar Reports on Economic Inequality in Presidential Candidate’s Rhetoric

Rana Foroohar writes in her April 17, 2015 article for Time, “Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio and Looking for Answers on Income Inequality,” that candidates on the trail for their party nominations have ramped up the rhetoric about economic inequality. Will they, Foroohar, asks, have the wherewithall to turn rhetoric into policy, if elected?

She debates this issue on WNYC, New York City’s public radio station. In particular, she attempts to parse Clinton’s “everyday American” talk and Rubio’s efforts to fashion the Republican Party as the party that cares about people. Each of these two candidates spars to establish her and himself as the people’s champion. The debate, not surprisingly, brings up the tax code as both a culprit and a, potential, savior of average, work-a-day folks.


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