San Leandro, California Hosts Forum on Ways to Address Economic Inequality at the State and Local Level

This forum in San Leandro, Califormia is a wonderful idea; perhaps, something along these lines would be possible at Stockton? A forum could bring the campus and the community together — we could even invite folks from other campuses in the area.

Here’s a description of the forum:

A forum on April 25 will look at what how income equality is being addressed on the state and local levels.

Speakers at the free forum include Christine Baker, director of the state Department of Industrial Relations. The department oversees Cal/OSHA, California Apprenticeship Council, workers’ compensation and labor standards enforcement.

James Paxson, of Alameda County Workforce Investment Board, also will be at the forum. The board is responsible for local workforce investment programs such as One-stop career centers, with a focus on job training and employment.

The third speaker is Greenlining Institute’s Sasha Werblin. The institute works for economic and racial justice.


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