Bill Curry, Writing for Salon, Goes Back to the Occupy Movement for Reform Ideas

Writing in this week’s Salon, Bill Curry, argues that Occupy started a movement for reform that didn’t quite pan out. In his opinion, it’s time to re-energize reform efforts to challenge political corruption that maintains the inequality status quo for the benefit of the ultra-rich. He begins his article “What Would Paul Krugman Do: Imagining the Plan which Defeats the Ultra-Rich,” with:

“In September of 2011 Occupy Wall Street lit a match to a movement. Today that movement is known for what it did and didn’t do. Occupy connected income inequality to political corruption and put both issues at the center of our political debate. What it didn’t do, by design, was provide a blueprint for economic reform or build a more institutional movement to secure it.”

He ends the article celebrating the accomplishments of micro-movements, local collections of folks that use their right of assembly to advocate for change. He also lets readers know that there’s more to come, particularly a focus on influential individuals in local communities across the country who use their right to make their communities more inclusive.

“In a future column I’ll write more about what is happening in the new economy and share some insights and achievements of those actively at work on it, including people around the world and many here in America. For now I’ll say only I think it’s a big part of the political, social and economic change we seek — and that it’s  already bigger than you think and growing faster than anyone knows.”


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