Operation Recruit and Retain: Women of Color

Stockton strives to be a “Distinctive Public College”, which is inclusive and provides a friendly atmosphere to faculty, staff and students regardless of sexual orientation, race and/or gender. Is Stockton providing a welcoming atmosphere to its employees and students? Can Stockton provide its current and future minority female employees or students with a feeling that; this is a safe place to work or learn? Will there be more minorities and/or women of STEM employed at Stockton?

A new study has determined that women of color in the STEM fields undergo Double Jeopardy. Double Jeopardy is when a woman of color experiences gender bias as well as racial and ethnic stereotypes.

100% of women of color in STEM experience bias

As stated in a previous article one way to promote minorities in the STEM fields is to have models. Someone visible, nurturing and practicing/teaching in the field. In order to be successful in integrating a STEM program at Stockton with one target being women of color, it will be necessary to search for faculty who look like them, can relate to them and guide them.


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