Just What Is the Relationship between Philanthrophy and Economic Inequality?

If you ponder this question, you might want to take a look at the following resources:

“Philanthropy and Inequality” by Robin Rogers, a review that appeared in the Stanford Social Innovation Review

Chris Matthews wrote “Bill Gates’ Solution to Income Inequality” for Fortune magazine, a piece that compares Gates’ philosophy to Thomas Piketty’s.

“How Billionaire ‘Philanthropy’ Is Fueling Inequality and Helping to Destroy the Country” by Prashanth Kamalakanthan appeared in Alternet. Kamalakanthan emphasizes the intentions of philanthropists.

“A closer look at how the world’s wealthiest are choosing to give away their money provides clues. While pretending to fix inequality, contemporary philanthropy’s actual role has been to strengthen the arrangements that make gross inequality possible in the first place. It has become a weapon in the class warfare of the 1%, the carrot to win people over to their ideology complementing the stick of political spending to coerce them into the same.”

There are, of course, other resources on this topic, but these three will give you a sense of the parameters defining the issues at stake in the debate.


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