Update to Yesterday’s Editorial in The New York Times:

In a follow-up editorial to the one that appeared in yesterday’s Times, “Walmart Gives a Raise,” the editorial board encourages President Obama to push ahead with his executive action to raise the minimum wage. The Times editorial ends with the following:

“His [President Obama’s] 2014 order to raise the minimum wage for the employees of federal contractors to $10.10 an hour bolstered efforts by labor groups and helped set a new norm that very likely played a role, if indirectly, in Walmart’s decision to give a raise. Mr. Obama should follow up with another to ensure that federal agencies give priority in contracting to employers that offer better pay than competitors and support collective bargaining.

The administration should also take the opportunity to move beyond the wrongheaded notion that a new federal minimum wage of $10.10 would be adequate. By relevant economic benchmarks, the federal minimum wage today should be $11 an hour to $18 an hour. An amount in that range is what policy makers should be fighting for.”


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